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Why you need to know more about home equity loans? It's very simple, everyone need a home, whether you purchase, build it or share with your family members or friend. You need a large amount of money to make it. There are various of home loans in the market, which type suit you the most? Without relevant knowledge and information, probably you will make a wrong decision to choose a loan.

With the information provided in this site, I sincerely hope that will help you get to know the facts of the home loan.


Home equity loan is a loan that borrower use the equity in their home as collateral. The objective of these loans is to help people to finance home repair, settle some urgent money issues, for education fees, refurbishment of home, medical bills and other reasons. Equity can be defined as the difference between the home loan balance and home value. The loan amount is 1 time basis which the equity of your home is used as collateral.

The minimum equity line is $10,000.00 & maximum is $100,000.00 (Subject to change)

Failure to repay the amount with interest borrowed, means you could lose your home.

These loans is most well known 2nd position liens (second trust deed). Generally it separate into 2 type :-

1) Close end

2) Open end

Almost all home equity loan require good credit history.

The interest rate on the loan for the primary residence is typically tax deductible.

The Fees

When you apply for the loan, below are the fees may charge to you :-

- Title fees

- Arrangement fees

- Appraisal fees

- Originator fees

- Stamp duties fees

- Early pay-off fees

- Valuation fees for Surveyor & Conveyor 7 etc.

All above fees & cost incurred often included in the loan.

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