About Us

Good day! My name is Lee. I'm a Quantity Surveyor (Construction Cost Estimator) that estimate construction cost and keep all the costs within budget.

In my opinion, almost all of us will need to dealing with various loans such home loan, student loan, car loan and many more in our life time. Without the relevant experience, we will not gain the benefits from all these financial assistance, in fact we will paying much to obtain the assistance.

Through times of dealing with loans and hands on knowledge that I learned, made me confident to create a website that can share my experience and knowledge with others.

For sure, some body will ask : "Brother, why are you create this website for?"

I'm telling you the truth now, I believe that no one will do somethings for nothing. There must be some reasons, do you agree with me? With my passion to create this website to share my information and experience, at the same time I'm making money with this website.

Interested to know more about me and the website, read on this

How Loan-God.com Born