AES Student Loan

What is Aes Student Loan? Aes stand for American Education Services, is a full-service financial aid organization. Aes provides private student loan, as well as private consolidation and federal loans. It is providing quality customer service to millions of student loan borrowers through its highly trained and experienced customer service representatives.

Aes has put so much effort developing innovative ways to ease the financial burdens of borrower (students or their parent). In 1964, Aes is just a small student loan guarantor, now Aes has grown to one of the largest financial aid organization in the nation.

The services provide included

1) Student loans

2) Money management

3) Budgeting for student

4) The benefits and dangers of credit cards

Aes also provides online services, student may utilize various services by creating an account with Aes. Services included :

1) View pending student loan status

2) Update student's information

3) Complete the entrance or exit interview requirements

4) View your payment history

5) Make a payment for all student loans on the account

6) Check the account status or balance

7) Communicate with a customer service and etc.

Most of the students of U.S. are eligible for AES, provided you are fresh graduate or even you are having a PLUS loan, just federally assured scholar funding might be part of a government combination agreement.

In fact, there are four main categories of student loans. 1st. the Stafford loans are supported by the government. 2nd, the Parent plus loans are suitable for parents that would want to support for their children’s education. Follow by Graduate plus loans are tailored for graduate students that need help in paying for the expenses during their graduate education. Finally, there are Alternative Loans, which can be taken if other free aid and other solutions are not available.

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