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A lot of young entrepreneurs are success in business, and they begin with apply for business loan to get a fund to start up a new business. The small business loans can apply to banks and other financial institutions such credit unions.

Here are some useful guides and tips to help you to acquire the business loan :-

1) If you are looking for new start up fund, you may visit the SCORE. They are a non-profit organization and volunteer group of business executives, they will provide many useful advice and guides. But not all states had their office, so visit their website to find out the branches location. If you are wishing to expand your business, surf more relevant information from internet.

2) Check out your credit history and score - your personal credit history and score play an important role if your business is less than 3 years or just start up. Get a copy of your credit report, check through all, any errors appear shall be notice to reporting agency and fix it immediately. For excellent credit score (more than 700), the chances of getting the loan is higher.

3) Look for lending options - beside notional commercial bank, you may seek for regional commercial banks. The chances of getting the loan from small banks are even higher, credit unions also one of the potential source.

4) Prepare a good business plan, the business plan shall consist of past years financial statements, types of assets use to secure the loan, business strategies, anticipated profit forecast, solutions to solve various matters and etc. Get consult from the bank officer about the requirements of the plan or engage a competence business plan writer.

5) The lender will call you up for an interview or presentation, be prepared and study more information about the business loan, ready to introduce your company and method of making money. The key of success during the presentation is always be confident on what you are saying. You are now to convince lender to helps you.

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