Aurora Loan Services

Aurora Loan Services is one of the most common residential mortgage provide in US. The company was founded in year of 1997 at Colorado. The company has been recognized as one of the nation’s leading mortgage companies according to National Mortgage News.

Once upon a time, they offer wide range of lending, banking services, investment and many others financial products.

It takes care of various non-conforming programs. Nowadays the company is owned by Lehman Brothers.

The services of the company was separated into few divisions, which are :-

1) Wholesale lending division

2) Master lending division

3) Conduit lending division

They also provide online service that allow borrower to review the statement of the loan, balance amount and have a reminder service to remind borrower to make their payment on time.

To ease borrower's financial needs, they have provided several loan programs as below :-

1) Loan modification

2) Mortgage Repayment Plan

3) Pre-foreclosure Sale (Short Sale) and

4) Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure

The objective of the above programs created are for helping borrower prevent to loss their homes and minimize the impact toward credit rating of borrower.

But there are many bad comments from previous customers of Aurora recently. Especially the customer service department, many dissatisfied customers posted their comments / complaints at many forums. If you considered to take a loan program from them, please spend much times to do some research and study their programs.

If you felt that the offer of this lender is no longer favorable to you, do not upset, just find the similar products from other sources. There are hundreds lenders are doing the same business at the field.

In conclusion, even the company bearing a popular name but the offer might not be the best for you. Remember that everyone's situations are unique.

For more information of loan services, please check out Loan Services Guide instead of Aurora Loan Services

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