Aussie Home Loans Advice

Aussie Home Loans has been one of the major home loan provider in Australia. It was founded by John Symond in Feb 1992.

As usual business, Aussie started off as a small firm compete with other firms in market in order to gain customers. Nowadays, Aussie has established itself as a prominent home loans provider within Australia’s retail banking industry.

Its offering different products from the standard lenders. Some of the new inventions Aussie brought into the financial industry included

- same rates for investors and owner-occupiers

- Free consultations by experts

- true interest rate competition and etc.

The amount that can be borrow is depend on borrower's income, financial commitments & saving.

Below are some loan products preference by many peoples :-

1) Fixed rate home loan - The rates of the loan are quite low if compare to others. As the name implies, the rate is fixed for the whole tenure. Regardless of market flooding rates, amount is remain the same.

2) Variable rate home loan - Similar as ordinary variable rate loans of U.S. the interest rate will be low at the initial period. It will be change according to market rate.

3) Line of credit - To eligible for this product, you must have some equity gained from your property and willing to another form of security to the lender. You don't need to repay back your money until you reach your credit limit.

4) Low Doc - For those who can't meet the basic criteria of the loan requirements, there are one more choice for them. But borrower are required to provide 20% of the loan as deposit.

5) Discounted interest rate - Aussie some incentives to their borrower to provide larger deposit. This option is made for those have a LVR less than 70%.

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