Auto Loan Payment Tips

Auto loan payment is a fact of life for many peoples. While if there are some ways to reduce the car loan, i think nobody will refuse it. After all, no one like their hard earned money "flying with the wind" without any good reasons.

Below are some useful tips to reduce the burden :-

1) Refinance your car - if you found that the refinance auto loan interest rate is lower than your current loan, you may consider refinance your loan. You may saving much money by the loan interest decreased. Of course, you must shop for at least 4 lenders. Comparing their rates, terms and conditions and reputation of the company.

2) Debt consolidation - some special loan consolidation packages are offer now at the loan market. Consolidate various debt such car loan, home loan or usage credit card. Consolidate your several loans into a new loan with lower interest rate.

3) Trade ins - If you purchased a luxury car and you feel the payments is a little bit high or out of hand, you may consider this option. Trade in the current luxury car, choose a lower range car model. This will not only reduce your monthly loan payment but to reduce your fuel, maintenance, insurance and road tax.

4) If you have an extra sum of money, you may make a balloon payment to your auto loan lender. Normally they will agree to offer a rate discount or less partial loan interest due to your early payment made.

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