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Want to buy your dream car? Study more on auto loan information will enable you to get the best loan package.

Nowadays, getting a loan with low interest rate is quite difficult due to the current economy crisis. Especially for those with bad credit. But there are still many chances to get the good offer from lenders if you do some research. You have to shop around with traditional dealers and surf lenders online.

Below are some tips provided for your reference :-

1) Check your credit score from credit report, a free copy can be obtain from various website related to credit bureau. Make sure all information stated in the report are accurate and in order. If you found any inaccurate information, you must contact the credit bureau to address it right away.

2) Fix your credit score - from the credit score you will know how good the offer you can get from lender. If your credit score is just in fair or bad categories, try to improve them by settle partial debt, payments on time and etc.

3) Know your likely interest rate and prepare a budget, use a realistic estimate to figure out how much you can afford. A car loan rate for bad credit is roughly from 12% - 18%.

4) Credit unions is one of the best source to get the car loan, in fact it's easier to approve a car loan, sometimes they offer some of the most competitive rates available.

5) Shop around various lenders, rates are vary from lender to lender.

For more bad credit car tips, please refer Bad Credit Car Loans Tips or Car Loan Guide instead of Auto Loan Advice for more car loan information.

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