Bad Credit Equity Loan

When people considered to take bad credit equity loan for home, there must be some reasons to encourage them to take the deal such paying debts, home improvement, medical expense, business investment, take a little vacation and etc.

A home equity loan also known as 2nd mortgage, is taking out the loan against the equity of the house. So the equity will served as collateral to lender. For those with good or excellent credit rating is easier to get the loan than people with bad credit rating.

For those with bad credit, getting the loan is more difficult but still have chance. Just refer to the following tips :-

1) Decide how much you really need - just borrow the exact figure you need, it's not worth to paying extra interest for the amount you don't really need.

2) Figure out the LTV (loan to value) of your home, normally percentage of LTV is 70%. For instance, your home worth $150,000 and the balance of 1st mortgage is $100,000. The loan value you will get is $5000. Calculation = ($150,000 x LTV 70%) - Outstanding balance $100,000 = $5000

3) If your credit rating is not in the good side, you should take some actions to repair it such paying-off some debt, payments on time. Be remind that your credit rating will not only determine approval of your loan but will affect the interest rate you will get.

4) Do not depend on 1 lender, looks for several lenders. Your will have a better chances to get a favorable rate and term if you compare several quotes instead of one.

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