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A personal bank loan is available in 2 forms, which are secured and unsecured loans. A secured loan uses collateral to get lower interest rate and longer term, while unsecured loans are not required collateral. But the limit of the loan is smaller than secured loans.

Generally, credit rating of borrower will determined how good of the offer. If your credit score is in the high and excellent side, you will get a better offer / option.

In order to get the loan easily, here are some tips provided for your reference and actions :-

1) Listing your assets, deducting your monthly expenses and liabilities. Get use of your asset to obtain a loan from bank by pledging your assets as collateral to bank.

2) Offer a collateral even with a excellent credit score, you will not only get the lower interest rate from bank. Some of the bank also offer a interest reduction if you able to repay the debt sooner.

3) Be prepare and complete all application materials in full, including supporting documents listing your income, debt and liability. Prove that you are under employed and earning stable income, you will likely to get the bank approve if you are capable to repay the loan debt.

4) Shop for more banks, do not depend on one. There might be more favorable offers in the market.

5) Get several banks to quote for you, compare their rates, terms and conditions. And their penalties and finance fees charges. Discuss with the bank that familiar with you, they will have a favorable offer to their regular customer.

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