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Bankruptcy loan is harder to get than ordinary loans, due to bankruptcy and bad credit banker or lenders will check and analyze borrower's situation more thoroughly. And the interest of the loan will be much higher as this loan is considered high risk lending.

There are many loans for bankruptcy, home loan, auto loans and even student loans. The interest rate (APR) can be as high as 18% annually or even higher. Among loans for bankruptcy, the student loan is likely to be approve. The most difficult to get is the mortgage loan, cause of the loan amount is large.

Anyway, you are still got a chance to get those loans if you review the following tips :-

1) Try to improve your credit - back to the path of getting excellent credit score, most important - paying your bills on time. This is the main driving force to improve your credit, otherwise your score will be ruined.

2) If your feel that hard to control your self, try looking some automatic debit scheme from banks. Let the bank pay the bills on time by debiting your account.

3) Keep your resolving credit lower than 7%, If you charge over seven percent, you can get this number by pulling your own FICO report.

4) Keep your non-revolving non-mortgage balances below a thousand dollars. You may get so money to pay partial of the debt, sources of money can be credit cards, personal loans, secured loans or borrow from your friends and relatives. No matter where you get the money from, you must repay back.

5) Lastly, your credit history is the main factor that comprises your credit score, you may apply for bad credit loans or wait until your credit score to higher degree.

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