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When come to purchase a new home, most peoples will hope acquire best loan for their home. But the definition and meaning of the word "best" is vary among all peoples, some will look for lowest rate, some are look for most convenient of making payment and even some are looking for shortest term. In my opinion, the best ever loan is the most suitable loan that suit to individual situation.

In order to get the most favorable loan offer, here are some tips provided for your reference :-

1) Before getting the home loan, you shall establish your credit record and rating, lenders are likely to offer a better rates and terms to those with good credit rating and track record.

2) Check out your current debt, if you have committed many debts you will not have a best offer from banks / lenders. Because risk of lending has been increase for those with much financial commitment.

3) Never hurry to get a home loan without consider other offers, take your times to shop for more lenders. Understand the benefits and repayment procedure before narrowing down on any seems to be good offer.

4) There are many useful tools like loan calculators or software contained in lender's websites. Use them to calculate amount and interest intended to borrow.

5) There are variety of loan types available at market, study their operation and understand how they work. Select the most suitable loan for your self.

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