Best Personal Loan

Here is the tips of how to get the best personal loan.

There are thousand of lenders offering personal loans in market, do you know how to choose the best loan?

Tips of how to get a best loans

1) Knowing the options of personal loan, you may get many information from websites provided online

2) If you go for secured loan, make sure you are capable to repay the loan. Cause of the collateral you pledged to lenders, if you fail to repay, there is a possibility you may lose your house or valued assets pledge.

3) Shop for numerous lenders, study their background and negotiate with them.

4) Compare and evaluate them in comparison.

5) The best loan will always offer the lowest 'TFC' (Total financial cost)

There are 2 main options by the loan, variable rate and fixed rate. For personal loan, many peoples prefer fixed rate rather than variable rate because it’s more easier to monitor. The repayment amount stay same from beginning till end.

Talk about payment term, you should keep the repayment period as short as possible. Longer repayment period mean larger the interest you will pay. For instance, amount lend is 100 thousand with 6% interest a year, term is 5 years. The total interest be pay will be 30 thousand in 5 years. If you prolong the payment term to 6 years, the total interest would be 36 thousand. At last you are paying extra 6 thousand.

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