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Most of the small businesses need to get Business Financing Loans for operating capital for business start up or to finance an expansion. No matter who you looking for, they will have the same expectations while lending a loan to you. You shall well prepared to meet those expectations to secured the loan.

Those expectations are very straight forward, why you need the money (be specific on your purposes), chances of repay back the loan & when will you repay back the loan in full?

In order to get the loan, the key is well preparation. There are some important documents you need to furnish to lender during application, first is the :-

1) Business Plan - this business plan not only showing the reasons you need the fund, but how are you going to use the money.

2) Cash flow projection - the most concerned problem of lender is will you able to repay back the loan. So the cash flow projection will provide concrete financial date to assess all the risks involved in the lending.

3) Pass business tax returns - if your business is established and have the tax returns. It is best to show to lender, to let them know your way of doing business.

4) Personal financial statement - list down all your assets & debts, show full picture of your financial status to lender. They will check your financial status and evaluate your entitlement of getting the loan during loan process.

5) Credit rating report - your credit rating is build by purchase stuffs on credit and paying the money you owed. Your credit history is playing an important role in obtaining the loan. If you are bearing a good or excellent credit, there will be no problem. if your credit rating is poor, chances of getting decline is quite high. The credit report is not compulsory to submit during application, but most of the peoples submit their report to lenders are for easier reference and checking.

After prepared all the documents stated above, the following step is to get ready for a presentation or an interview by the banker / lender. Be confident on what you talk and present, your performance also one of the factor to determine whether you got the loan or not.

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