Calculator For Home Loan

When looking for new or refinance home loan, you will probably use calculator for home loan to estimate the overall cost and monthly payment. This tool is useful in your search for a loan, if you know how to use.

At this page, we will introduce 3 types common mortgage calculator :-

1) The Mortgage loan payment calculator - there are 3 simple input, which are loan amount, interest rate and loan term. The result is the monthly amount included term and interest rate. Be reminded that this calculator is typically assume a fixed interest rate. if the rate is variable, the amount of payment could change.

2) Maximum loan amount calculator - this calculator is using borrower's debt obligations and income to calculate a maximum housing expense on a monthly basis. This calculator is rely on ratios that might not apply to every borrower's situation. The income and debts that use for input might not count at the same way with lenders.

3) Refinance Savings Calculator - the main objective of this calculator is to help borrowers to find out how much they will save after refinanced their mortgage. This calculator just focus only on the payment savings, not the overall interest expense.

All these calculators can be simply find online, but select the calculator from a well-known company will be more secured. Anyhow, use at least 2 calculators (same type but from different lender) to cross-check the results work out.

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