Canada Student Loan

The Canada Student Loan program helps many peoples to complete their post-secondary study, they are providing 2 financial forms of student loans. Which are loans and grants, the different between loan and grant is you must repay back the loan with interest. Whereby, you do not need to pay back for grant.

The federal government student loans & grants have beneficial canadian students and their families. They pursuing post-secondary education cause of it's providing job opportunities.

In order to get the loan, choose which province you are applying to. Student provincial and federal loans are integrated so you may apply to home province. The fastest and most efficient way to get the loan is apply through internet (student assistance program websites).

The Facts of Student Loan and grants at Canada

1) Loans are available for part-time or full time study. Only the permanent resident and citizen are eligible for the loan.

2) Students with disabilities, students with dependents, women in certain field of doctoral studies and high need part-time students are eligible to apply for grants.

3) The Canada grants up to $3,000++ for student who eligible and with dependents.

4) A reduction program for undue hardship students. Prior to getting this program, student will need to proof that he / she is in need of this program.

5) Tax relief for payments on federal or provincial student loan.

6) Based on your financial & income situation, there is a interest relief up to 30 months (over the period of the loan).

Nowadays, the student loans become even popular that housing loans. Due to the education fees and cost of living increase, students without much choices but to take this financial assistance to complete their study (it might be the 1st debt to bear for most of us). Just take what you need exactly, do not take much. Get rid of this debt burden if you wish to own a house in near future.

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