Car Loan Financing

Don't get confuse by the car loan financing in the market, you should a few considerations before taking a loan. First of all, you need to know that how much can you afford, the loan interest follow by the right lender and the loan term.

Tips of getting new auto loan

1) Determine your financial status - the 1st and most important step in the process, know your situation and how much can you spend for repayment. Prepare your monthly expenses budget, add up all expenses such food, water & electricity bills, entertainment, insurance premium and etc. Use your total monthly income deduct all expenses (allow some buffer money), the money left will be the potential repayment for loan.

2) Now you know your monthly buffer, the 2nd step is to look for the car you desire for. Does the price of the car within your budget? If yes, you may go ahead. Otherwise looking for other types.

3) Following step is to shop around the banks, financial institutions or dealers. Analyze their quotes, in term of rates, terms, fees & charges. Nobody like to pay much without any good reason.

4) After all lender's information gathered, you may choose the best among them. Narrow down the potential lenders and remember negotiate with them, demand for better rate and term.

5) Deposit of the car - generally auto lender will required borrower to spend out 10% of the car value as deposit for the car purchase. However, if you could place a larger deposit say about 20% the interest rate will be lower.

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