Get The Best Car Loan Interest Rate

In order to get the best car loan interest rate, there are 2 things to be concerned. First, the current marketplace for interest rates including various offers and options. Second is financial situation of borrower. Research and finding the best fits offer and proper planning for the car purchase will save up much money and times of borrower.

There are several primary factors that affected the loan rate :-

1) Lender that you liaise with - unless you are spending all costs by your own pocket, otherwise you are going to work with bank, credit union or an automaker's financing arm. However, there must be some pros and cons for each scenario.

2) The vehicle bought - new or used car purchased, the interest rates for new car are always lower than an used car. However, the price of the new car is definitely higher than used car.

3) Period of repayment term - although the interest rate is generally lower if the longer period taken. In fact, you are paying much interest for the deal. So, select the term properly. Make sure the term is beneficial to you.

4) Credit rating of borrower - for sure a better credit rating people will get lower interest rate. According to Consumer Federation of America, only 15% of the borrowers are entitled for the 0% offers from automakers.

Based on the market rate and several factors mentioned above, you should analyze your financial status. And have a monthly budget to spend your income wisely for afford a car.

Ensure you debt-to-income ratio is not exceed 35% of your gross total income, otherwise it is hard to get approve from lenders.

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