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My dear brothers and sisters, are you cracking your head to find a car loan and need more information? Here is the right place specially for you.

I will keep pumping car / auto loans information that available in the market from time to time to enrich the page content.

Auto financing is a big business in many countries, especially in U.S.A. The business generating over $500 billion a year, around 70% of Americans have to finance the car purchase. The auto loans can be easily found in market through banks, credit unions and dealers.

The interest rate on dealer-financed loans is basically higher that credit unions and banks, but dealers is the most convenience source of financing.

If you own a home (with equity), you can often get a lower rate by taking out a home equity loan. and the interest rate of home equity loan is always lower than other consumer loans. and borrower may be entitle to deduct the interest from the income-tax bill.

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