Cash Until Payday Loan

Cash until payday loan is a loan that not required credit check, no application fees, high approve rate. The loan term is generally from 14-30 days, borrower may asking for extension, but relevant fees and charges will be impose to borrower. The Loan amount range is from $100 to $1500, some lenders even lending much for their regular customers.

It might be a smart option for those need a short term and small amount of cash. This loan is one of the fastest loan ever in loan market. Just fulfilled the requirements below, you may probable get the loan at the same day.

Criteria of the loan to be qualified

1) Have a full time job with minimum 6 months employed

2) Monthly income at least $1000 per month

3) Had a valid and active checking account

4) Aged should be more than 18

Once application submitted, lender will proceed the loan process and some checking. The process will need few hours, and the amount of the loan will be automatically bank-in into borrowers account once approved.

After settle all urgent bills, make your payment back to them as fast as you can. Some lenders might have rate reduction for those make earlier settlement.

Some peoples have file for bankruptcy due to the high interest of this loan. They default the payment and extend too many times of the term. With accumulate high interest, few hundreds might become few thousand. Sound weird isn't it? But it is true.

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