Citibank Student Loans

Citibank Student Loans also known as CitiAssist Loans have offering several loan packages to students. The rates offer are quite competitive, you only have to repay the loan after completion of your study.

You may check the all information online, for comparison purposes you are advice to check other banks or lenders rate in order to get the most competitive rate.

For students who wish to saving much money you are advice to pay-off your student loan earlier. Pay-off earlier will not just reduce the overall amount after graduate, but you will build up your good credit rating. Although you are allowed to repayment after graduate, repayment earlier will decrease your financial burden during initial working stage. Some more there is no penalties for earlier payment.

Tips and Advice For Earlier Repayment

1) Payments during Grace period will reduce substantial interest and principal loan amount. Although 0.5 % of the interest reduced, it will save up much money at the end. If you wish to figure out how much money can be save for earlier payment, use the loan calculator online.

2) For student who are using "auto-debit" from account, make sure your account always has sufficient fund to be deduct.

3) Generally there will be a reduction or discount by bank for earlier settlement of loan, read all relevant information from the bank. And check relevant benefits pertaining to the loan with bank representative during application stage.

4) Regularly check the outstanding balance, knowing your status for better financial planning. Make sure the loan debt is decrease as planning.

5) There will be a Tax Breaks for paying student loan, for more detail check the Iris website for Tax Breaks Information For more Citibank Loans for student, please check out Citibank Student' Loan instead of Citibank Student Loans

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