Consolidation Debt Loan

The Consolidation Debt Loan is kind of financial assistance that can consolidate many debts into one, with lower interest rate and the term of loan can be extend longer.

There are many benefits when taking these loan :-

1) The interest rates been decrease, much money can be save from the decrease of interest rate. Some borrowers might use the same amount to pay for the loan debt, this will shorten the repayment term.

2) Less hassle and nagging calls from few lenders, avoid some common mistakes make such paying wrong amount, deposit to wrong lender, miss out 1 of lender and etc.

3) Reduce significantly at the monthly payment, therefore enable your to plan for household budgeting easier.

4) Just paying to one lender instead of several lenders.

However not all peoples are eligible for the loan. There are some requirements from lenders to determined who is qualify for the loan :-

1) During your application, lender will ask for monthly budget from borrower. They will determine whether the borrower is capable to repay the loan. Generally, if the LTV ratio of borrower is more than 35% he / she most probably won't get the loan.

2) You must be working and have a stable income in order to qualified for the loan. Bring along your pay stubs, last year tax return and salary payslip to lender during application. Lender will check all these documents and they will confirmed that you are capable to repay back the loan.

3) Some lenders will ask for co-signer or collateral to be engage prior to approve the application. This will happen when a credit rating of borrower is poor.

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