Consolidation Loan Student Program

No doubt, the consolidation loan student program is a great tool to helps student saving their monthly payments and manage the multiple loans. It consolidate the loans into 1 new loan and stretching it with a longer period.

Below are the pros & cons of loan consolidation for your reference.


1) Helping lock in the lower interest rate, if your loans are variable rate option, they might keep increasing according to market rate.

2) Easy to keep track with 1 lender instead of multiple lenders, in term of payment date, amount due, interest increasing. For sure monitor 1 debt is much easier than few.

3) Increasing credit score by less open account on credit report, get better deal if you success to meet lender's requirements such repayment on time consistently.


1) Consolidate may increase the overall loan amount by prolong the repayment period, longer period means paying much interest. Thus, you must work out the clear picture about the existing loan amount owed, interest rate of each loan and term.

2) Other than consolidation, government have form some program to help borrower to repay their student loans by doing some community services or teacher in certain aspect. Therefore, consolidation is not the only way to reduce loans.

3) The loan consolidation for student can be very tough for borrower, strict requirements and the consolidation loan amount generally must exceed 10 thousand U.S. dollar. It seriously affect your financial planning.

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