Countrywide Home Loan

Countrywide Home Loan is now one of the loans type offered by Bank of America. You may find it at every states in America.

Previously since 1969, many peoples choose countrywide to archive their home ownership. The company's motto is "fast, reliable top-tier service" to all of their customers.

There are 3 main products from Bank of America, which are Home Purchase Loans, Refinance Loans and Home Equity Loans. Borrower may get the loan through application online, get a home loan expert to helps and apply via telephone.

Both adjustable and fixed rate options are available for borrowers. There are several terms for fixed rate mortgage from 10 years - 30 years. And the amount of the loan is up to 95% of the home value. While the adjustable rate finance required borrower has 5-10% equity owned from the house. The interest rate is subject to change every 6 months or 1 year.

Bank of America allow borrower to start with adjustable rate option with fixed rate at certain period (From 3, 5, 7 or 10years).

Some benefits of getting this loan

- they provided simplified and streamlined loan process.

- May apply through phone, online or at the local branch.

- Expert agents that can guide customers the loan process from start to finish.

- Various loan types available, to suit different needs of all customers.

- They don't care about your credit score, along with the loan types. There must be 1 type can suit to you.

Before liaise with them, be sure how much you really need. Just ask for the exact amount you want, use some loan calculator to check out the interest or loan tenure if necessary.

Countrywide provide 24 hrs customer service, while you have any questions regarding their services, they are ready to assist you.

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