Countrywide Home Loans

Countrywide Home Loans was began since 1969, it's form by Angelo Mozilo and David Loeb. They started their mortgage lending company in New York, now its owned by Bank of America.

During late 1970s, Countrywide has expand its business into 8 states, offered different types of mortgage. The company growth rapidly, and its the 1st company process applications via computers.

Countrywide continued to grow its business by separate branch into insurance services and banking. Nowadays they are the largest mortgage services provider with full financial services. They are very concerned the reputation of the company & customer satisfaction, this is the main reason lead them to success.

There are variety of mortgages suck like home equity mortgage loans, low down-payment options, and adjustable rate mortgages. Some of the unique loans option also available like :-

- Flexsaver - If you qualify, you can paying monthly payments using principal or access the equity for large purchases or higher-education costs.

- Full Spectrum Lending - is special designed for a potential home buyer with a credit problems. They will guide the home buyer how to overcome the credit problems and process of buying new home.

- Optimum Loan - this plan is suitable and good for the people who need to establish on credit and low on cash.

- Easy & Efficient - for people who with good credit, there no problems at all to apply any loans. Several options are available to choose by the borrowers.

The loan process is very swift, thousands of peoples get their offers through internet and telephone. So, if you are seeking for home loan, this might be your best choice.

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