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College or University study is an important step for almost all peoples. There are 3 ways of paying education (student) Loans, and other financial assistance acquired for education.

Student aid like grants and scholarships are the best choice for student, after all student do not need to pay back the aid, they are all free. While student loans must be repay back the principal amount plus interest. But not all students are qualify for the aid, only some selected qualified students will obtain it.

At student loan, there are 2 major loan groups - Federal Loan and Private Loan. Many peoples prefer to take Federal Loan cause of the interest rate offer is lower, most of the student are eligible to apply, regardless of credit score. It also has grace period after student's graduation.

For Private Loan, the terms may vary to other loans. Some of the lenders required borrower with a cosigner to lend the loan. A creditworthy cosigner will increase the chances of approval and getting a lower interest.

Federal loan basically covered for education fees, while private loan not only education fees but it covered student's textbook, course materials, living cost or etc. A single loan might not enough to support for the entire school live. A lot of students are obtaining few loans to complete their study.

There are hundreds private lenders out there, select the right lender for funding is the most important task before during the school live in high level of education. So, spending some times to do some research pertaining to the loans during semester break or holiday.

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