Home Equity Loan Advice

A home equity loan is a type of loan that home owner uses their equity built up in the home as collateral. A lot of borrower using the loan for medical bills, home improvement, education expenses and etc.

For those who want large amount but have no good credit will find that this loan is attractive. It's a type of second mortgage, different from home equity line of credit.

Lenders are more preferable to offer such loans cause the risk of borrower defaulting payments are reduce. They can likely to collect the collateral if borrower unable to make payment. For borrower, cause of the home is pledged, will more discipline to making payment.

Advantages of Home Equity

1) They are easier to be qualify even with bad credit.

2) Generally they are offering a lower APR compare to other home loans.

3) The amount of the loan is very large. Suitable for long term financing.

4) Payments made for home equity may be tax deductible.

Beside the advantages from the loan, you should aware of the pitfalls appear from the loan. First, you should aware that defaulting payment might lose your home pledged. The other common pitfall is there are many scammers have found many ways to cheat out of their most valuable asset. Be sure the lender dealing with you is legitimate, if you found that somethings are fishy, take a step back until fully confirm the offer is real and legitimate.

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