Fast Money Loan

Fast money loan is special made up for those in need of short term money urgently. And it is a type of cash loan, there are no credit check for the loan as long as you meet the basic requirements of the loan.

Main requirements of the loan

1) Age must above 18.

2) With minimum income of $1000 per month. Some lenders required borrower at least employed with a company 6 months to qualify for the loan.

3) Must be a citizen of the country.

The loan process is very fast, just need few hours (or shorter) to proceed. Once your application be approved, lender will transfer the fund to your checking account within a day or lately coming next day. Nevertheless, providing real & solid information is the must, fake or inaccurate information will definitely slow down the loan process & most probably is getting reject by lender.

The loan term is normally 15 days or 30 days, payment schedule is vary among lenders. Some lender allow their borrower making 2 - 3 times payment, but most common is paying one shot. Due to special circumstances, some lenders might lend more than $1500 to their regular customer. The term can be usual or longer term (45days).

There are thousands lenders in the market, spend some times to do some research. Get several lender's quote for comparison. Beside asking for low rate, do not forget to check for their penalties fees and finance fees and figure out how much interest will be charge while request for term extension.

Nowadays, all legitimate fast loan lenders are governed by state government. Just liaise with lenders from the list of state government to prevent deal with fraudulent companies.

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