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Federal Home Loan Bank is an institution provide fund to "building & loan". But not direct to customers, its provide funding to other American financial institution or banks. The FHLB are 12 regional cooperative banks that lending institutions use to finance housing and economic development in local communities. Through the combination of all banks, insurance companies and credit unions it grant the stability and growth of economic of each district.

Now more than 8000 banks in America from 50 states belong to FHLB system. Fund from this FHLB system helping finance homes, small business, jobs, affordable housing, house refurbishment and local infrastructure.

They are regionally focused and controlled, the structure allow each of them be responsive and manage to the customers relation within its district. By the strength ans size enabled them to funding the lowest interest products to their customers.

They are a unique financial entity, although only financial institutions can belong to FHLB. All peoples get benefits from them. The objectives of FHLB is to providing best services to their members at best price.

The products offer by FHLB are Fixed and Variable rate credit, Grants and subsidized loan, Education and Training, Securities Safe keeping services, Wire transfer services, Secondary market home purchase and etc. Each product has their own requirements, when dealing with financial institution, they will inform what you should furnish.

Before taking the financial product offer by them, borrowers are encourage to study their operations 1st. most of the product's information can be found online. Take some times to do some homework, get your self be prepared. It will helps you select the right products pertaining to your financial situation and shorten your application period.

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