Federal Stafford Loan

Federal Stafford Loan is a kind of student loan offer by federal government and administered by Department of Education. They have many benefits and lower interest rate, if you don't have much money to afford private loans or personal loans this will be the best solution.

Stafford loans are the fixed rate student loan for undergraduate and graduate students attending school / college at least half-time. These loans are the most common and one of the lowest-cost ways to pay for school.

Most peoples will put their priority to federal loan 1st, they will look for private loan once their application being reject. Nevertheless, below are some ideas provided to increase your chances of acceptance :-

1) Fill and submit the FAFSA forms - this form is which you inform the government about the financial status of you and your family. And other relevant information to determine how much they will agree to give you.

2) After submission of the FAFSA forms, soon you will receive a offer letter known as "Student Aid Report" from government, stated how much you are eligible for the loan.

3) In the case, you are now whether decide to take the offer or not. If yes, simply post back the award letter.

No matter how much amount awarded to you, this money is from government to help you continue your studies. If the loan amount is insufficient for the overall cost, you may look for other student aids or private loans.

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