FHA Loan

The FHA loan is a type of loan and service administered by federal housing administration, the main objective of the loan is to help low and moderate income peoples to purchase their own house. FHA has offers a federally backed program that insures loans originated and serviced by qualified lenders.

In order to get the loan and service from them, below are some guides and tips :-

1) Contact the FHA authorized lenders, you may find them in yellow pages under real estate mortgage or simply surf online.

2) Although there are many authorized lenders by FHA, but their rates and terms are vary each other. Shop around and get different lenders to quote for you.

3) The loan limit up to $151,725, but you may not qualify to meet the limit. You may get the lower loan amount, all depend where you live. Figure out the credit qualifications of your area.

4) Get ready all your required documents and submit together with the loan application.

5) Generally, you will be required to come out a down payment for home purchase. That would be 3% to 5% of the house value, and you will need to pay for closing cost which equal to 2 to 3% of the loan amount borrowed.

6) The other requirement from lender is to buy monthly mortgage insurance to cover risks of the lenders. The up-front cost of insurance can be finance but the monthly premium must be paying monthly.

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