Fixed Rate Home Loan

Know more about fixed rate home loan to reduce your risks when dealing a loan with lenders.

Home equity loan is when you pledged your house as collateral, take out the money from the equity you build in your house. There are 2 major options offering - adjustable rate & fixed rate.

A fixed rate loan may save even more than adjustable rate, caused the adjustable rate is variable, generally it will keep increasing. Whereas a fixed rate option is more secure, the rate of whole lending period is fixed.

But taking the fixed rate option must aware of the risks together with the interest, you are taking out all of your equity once. If you sell your house, the total amount with interest become due. You have to repay it all in a very short period. If you planed to own your house in a long period, this option is more appropriate.

Nowadays there are many lenders compete in the market, ask for a few quotes to compare. Many of their services excluded application fees, appraisal fees & closing costs. Seek for lenders included all the said fees, if you insists to take the offer from the lender cause of the low interest rate, ensure the overall amount of the loan is lower than others. Use the free calculator online to estimate the overall amount plus interest. The results generated by calculator is very accurate, but the actual amount is from lender.

Be reminded that you have pledge your valuable house or asset as collateral. There is a risk of losing your house from the loan that you take. Do not default the monthly installment.

For more information, kindly check out Equity Home Loans instead of Fixed Rate Home Loan

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