Fixed Rate Loan

Fixed rate loan is one of the convenient loan for home purchase or 2nd mortgage. You may find them easily from banks & financial institutions. Before meet up with them, you are advice to study the loan and understand how it works.

The timing is the main factor to determine whether you get the best offer from this loan. The interest rate of fixed option will keep changing annually, if the APR reach to lower side, is the good timing to take the loan.

The benefits of getting this loan are the loan amount remain unchanged from start of repayment until end of the loan. You will know exactly how much going to pay every months. Easier to manage, and every payments paid are decrease the principal and interest together.

This loan option is suitable for those has organized and structure everything in life. The large sum of upfront allow borrower to use it for whatever needs.

Both HELOC and fixed rate option are charging high interest rate then the 1st mortgage. However the interest rate of fixed option will often lower than HELOC.

Compare to adjustable rate option, it is easier to manage. And it is suitable for first time home buyer. Just take this option and last for few years, after your home equity gained much only seek for refinancing. At that moment, you shall check out the market loan rate for mortgage and think thoroughly is the timing right for refinance.

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