How to get a College Loan

If you are bearing a bad credit, you may still can get a college loan for education. Getting an education should not be postponed by bad credit, although the choices are really limited. In facts, there are some ways to get the financial assistance.

Please refer to the following tips, they might be a helping hand to you :-

1) Get a family members, relatives or friends who willing to helps you to become your co-signer. If the cosigner is bearing an excellent credit, you will get a favorable rate and term despite you bad credit.

2) If you are a regular customer of a bank, credit union or you have a good relation with them. The chances of getting the loan is till high, the interest rate will based on your credit score, loan amount borrow and term of the loan.

3) Fill up the FAFSA form, apply for the Perkin Loan or Stafford Loan. The Perkin loan is a low interest rate loan administered by Department of education, each individual school is a lender for Perkin Loan.

4) Secured loan also another source of getting financial assistance if you or your parent owning a home or valuable assets. Regardless of your bad credit, the secured loan lender will lend the fund based on the value of the home / asset placed as security. However, be clear about the risk if determine to take this loan option. You / parent are bearing a risk of losing the collateral pledged, if payment defaulted.

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