How to get a Home Loan

Get a home loan is the most important part in a home buying process. Thus, you should spending much times to study the loan information first before getting the loan. All relevant information can get from internet, most of the lenders now have posted their rates, terms and conditions into their own websites.

In order to get a right deal, here are some useful tips for your reference and actions :-

1) Ask from your friends, relatives who has the loan lending experience with certain banks, financial institutions. They might recommend a good lender to you or refer you to the lender.

2) Find multiple lenders online or shop for high street banks, financial institutions. Get them to quote to you at the same loan amount and term. If you have maintaining a good relation with certain credit union or bank, go ahead to try your luck. They might have some favorable offers to you.

3) While obtained the quotes from lenders, compare their rates, terms & conditions and closing costs for the loan. Make a comparable table and fill in all related data for easy reference and comparison. Do not confused by the low interest rate, a lot of lenders use the low interest rate to fascinate eyes of borrowers. In fact they have increased their closing costs / charges to fill in the losses from low rate.

4) Beware of the prepayment penalties, some lender will charge a high penalties if you pay-off the loan earlier. Make sure you know the penalties and accept it.

5) Read the fine print and agreement carefully before signing the documents. Make sure the rates, terms and conditions are all according to quotation and negotiation.

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