How To Get Tenant Loan

Learn how to get tenant loan at this page.

The tenant loan is specially made for non-homeowner, the lending is based on credit rating, income and ability to repay the loan. But for home owner whose not willing to pledging the home as collateral also entitle to the loan. The matters are the interest of the loans are definitely higher and borrower fulfilled the requirements of lender.

Below are some tips to acquire the loan :-

1) Get a copy of your credit report from credit bureau, check any discrepancies appeared at the report. Should you found any error, report to credit bureau to make an immediate correction.

2) If your credit score is good, there are nothing to be worry. For bad credit people, please improve your credit score by payment on time, pay off some debt.

3) Paying your bills faithfully every months, this action will not only increase your credit score but to show to lenders that you are capable and responsible on your debt.

4) To prove that your payment situation has been changed, gather all your payment stubs for past 2 months. Show to lender that your have paid them on time.

5) Engaged a co-signer - Get your friends, relatives or whoever with excellent credit and willing to help you to be your co-signer during the application.

6) Seek for the lender who offer the lower interest rate and lowest fees charges. This will result in lower monthly payment and avoid a big lump sum payment at the end.

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