Government Student Loan Advice

Government Student Loan has the lower interest and some packages even not require for credit checking. Cause of the interest rate and it's deferment or extension scheme, it has become the most popular student loan in U.S.

Almost all citizen, permanent resident of U.S. are eligible for the loan products if they need to further their education and meet up with the loan requirements.

Government Loan Types

1) Parent Plus Loan - Offered to the parents of student, is committed by parents instead of student. The interest is higher than other Government Loans. It cover larger amount of the education costs which suitable for graduate and professional students.

2) Federal Stafford Loan - Come with 2 variety, subsidized & unsubsidized. Subsidized is the loan which the interest bear by government, it would only approve to the students need it the most. Unsubsidized is almost eligible for everyone, a reasonable interest rate will apply on the loan. Most peoples are affordable for the loan.

3) Federal Perkins Loan - Mete out funds by government to campuses annually. For the students with exceptional financial need. It's a first come first serve basis.

4) Graduate Plus Loan - Is a unsubsidized loan quite similar to Parent Plus Loan. While it's taken by the graduate student by their own application. Loan covered up to cost of education. It's also has deferment & forbearance option. Thus, graduate or professional students can defer the repayment while enroll at least 1/2 time in a degree or certificate courses.

Please check out Federal Student Loans instead of Government Student Loan for more information.

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