Guaranteed Small Business Loans

A guaranteed small business loans are provided by federal government which managed by SBA (Small Business Administration). Nowadays due to economy crisis, obtain these loans from lending institution is not easy.

First of all, if your are decided to start up your own business and become an entrepreneur, you must be well prepared. Have a clear mindset of what kind of business will be doing a proper business plan. Second, make sure your credit rating is in good category. Under a good or excellent categories will definitely get the loan approval easier and sooner.

There are 3 main steps to get the business loan :-

1) Before deal with SBA, you should build a good relation with banking institutions. The bank which familiar with you is more likely to accept your small business loan application. In order to build a good relation, you must always share you relevant information with bank, borrow a loan and pay it off within the payment term.

2) A good business plan - a lender will only consider your application if they feel there is a value in your proposition. If they feel your business venture will not succeed, they will deny your application. They will also concern about your ability to handle all situations, thus your business plan shall include best and worst case scenario and solutions to solve.

3) Have various ways to repay the loan - All business loan lenders (government and private) will require you to promise on repay back the loan. You may place some asset or property as collateral, develop a backup plan to repayment, get a guarantee letter from other owners of company or suppliers.

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