Home Construction Loans

Home Construction Loans had helping many peoples gained their own build homes instead of buy from developer.

From a land turning into a dream home need substantial of money and efforts from owner. Nevertheless, it is worth, after all not all of us can have our own desire design and home shape.

In the market there are thousand of lenders provide such loans. Choose the right & reliable lender will minimize the risks of drop into the loan pitfall and get into troubles.

Tips of getting the best lender

1) Shop for at least 3 lenders, do not relying on one.

2) Read and understand all the details of agreement & loan terms before consider the offer.

3) Check their company background, ensure they are legitimate and reliable.

4) Aware of what will happen if failed to make a payments in certain period.

5) Negotiate with them regarding the repayment schedule.

4 Common Types of Construction Loans

1) Lock-in interest construction loan - the rate would be the same during construction period. After completion it will automatically change to permanent loan.

2) Prime Rate adjustable construction loan - adjustable prime rate while construction period, rate is below the prime rate.

3) One closing - This loan type known as "One time closing", once the construction progress of the home completed, it will turn to mortgage loan automatically. During construction, borrower may make the payment toward principal amount plus payment or just pay for the interest only. The requirements and terms of the loan may vary among lenders.

4) Modifying - This loan is similar with one closing, the different of this loan and one closing is the loan carrying 2 set of interest rates or floating interest rate can be chosen. One is for the closing of construction period and the other one is for closing of the mortgage.

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