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Almost all home equity loan information can be found out online. Included rates, lenders, loan types, terms & etc. It is good to study relevant knowledge before obtain a loan from lender. If you equiped with such knowledge will enable you to bargain, get the better offer from lender, save up much money and avoid dealing with scammers.

Below is a simple definition of the home equity. Hopefully the information provided can let you have a clearer picture.

Definition of Equity

For an example, when you purchase a house worth 200 thousand, and you pay 50 thousand as deposit. That's mean currently you have 25% of equity in the house. The equity will increase or decrease, if you completely paid all installments, you owned 100% of equity in the house. If during the installments period (let say you pay off 50% of the loan), you take a 2nd mortgage to loan out all equity, that's mean at the moment your equity is 0%.

The advantages of the loan

- Lower interest rate if compare to credit card, cash loans, personal loans and etc.

- Most of home loans are subject to tax Reduction.

- It is easier to apply & get approval faster from lender.

- Larger sum of money can be taking out for various purposes.

The disadvantages of the loan

- have to bear a great risk, cause the house pledge as collateral.

- You could lose your home, if payments defaulted.

- When you borrow loan by using equity, means reduce the equity or ownership you have in your home.

Whatever it is, before taking the loan, we must analyze ourself is the sum of money taken worth? Our capabality to repay the loan and financial situation.

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