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Different location, the prices of house are vary. One of the reason influence the house price is the population. If the price of the property keep decrease, the location is losing peoples due to bad economy, natural disaster or etc.

Properties in California is more expensive than other states. Because California home prices reflect the healthy state economy, and the good weather, tremendous growth of the state attractive peoples to staying in California. Are you still intended to purchase home over California? If yes, you have to find a right lender to get the best loan.

Tips on how to get best home loan

1) Check the various market rates online before dealing with lenders. At least there is a bottom line in our heart.

2) For 1st time home buyer, if you lack of mortgage knowledge and experience, you should get a professional real estate agent to help you on buying a house.

3) Visit several lenders, check against their rates, all terms and conditions and closing costs. General fact of getting a low rate loan is placing a larger amount of money as deposit to your house.

4) Remember! rate must be agreed by both parties before make a deal. Negotiate with lenders, waiting for the lender who can offer the best rate. The best rate will only appear after several rounds of negotiations and comparisons.

5) Even the lender has agreed to revise interest rate and some detail as you wish, you must check thorough the agreement & documents before signing anything on it.

If you wish your loan application to be approve sooner, you must furnish all related documents requested by lender during submission of the application form.

For more information regarding California mortgage, please check out California Mortgage Home Loan instead of Home Loan California

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