Avoid Mistakes When Buying Home & Apply For Home Loan Mortgage

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When you decided to take home loan mortgage to purchase a new home, you must need a completely preparation to avoid making mistakes. The right decision made, the home you bought can be a fantastic asset to you.

Common mistakes made by buyer

1) Lack of research - before you make a deal, you must be aware of the market rate, get at least 3 lenders to quotes for you. This step will enable you to have a bargain power during the deal.

2) Depend much on the agents - In fact, the selling agents are work for sellers. They are taking care the interest of the sellers instead of buyer.

3) Overstretching the finances - Committed many financial burden.

4) Searching without finance approval - Many application had denied by the banks or lenders. Knowing your status, credit score and how much need to borrow. Before deal with the banks and lenders.

5) Not proper inspection - this steps is very important, many peoples are not doing well in this step. This will caused them forced to solve some headache problems such dodgy wiring, termite matter, electrical points not function, roof leaking and etc.

6) Not factoring the running cost, other than monthly repayment, you must take consider some running cost like council rates, water rates, land tax etc.

7) Unseen the house problems - many peoples may overlook the house structure, facing a busy road, or etc. They might bought the home by just view the photos provided, not doing the physical inspection.

8) Limited choice - some peoples just don't like the auction method launched in market. They will missed out many potential and good properties.

Tips to select a loan mortgage

1) Shop for at least 3 lenders, get their quotes to compare.

2) Check the market rates online.

3) Negotiate with the lender who given the lowest rate. To request for the better terms and discount.

4) Read and understand all terms and detail before signing any agreement.

Hopefully you had prepared well to deal with lenders.

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