Home Loans Mortgage

Now is the right time, use Home Loans Mortgage offering now in the financial market to buy a new home. The process of the application is very fast. The result will come out within 2 days.

New bird in home purchase? Take a look at the following :-

Home Buying Steps

1) 1st step is to finding out how much you can afford, and it's depend how much deposit you able to pay for the home. You may use the calculators provided by lenders online to figure it out.

2) The bank agent will inform you what kind of documents you need to prepare. By the documents furnished, some expert agent can pre-qualify you. Means that you have proof that your ability to get a loan from lenders.

3) The 3rd step is to finding your dream home, find the home which you can afford. Some aspects must be considered before decided to own a home, such distance from home to working destination, transportation, community and etc.

4) Here are some things that need to be furnish to the lenders during application of the loan:-

4a) Profit & loss statements of your company (if you are a businessman).

4b) Bank Statement, investment statement for latest 3 months period.

4c) Pay Stubs - Lenders will confirm your current income, employment and etc. through the pay stubs enclosed.

4d) The W-2 Forms, to scrutinize your income and job history, which will affect your buying power.

5) Liability, lender will check the how much debts and outstanding balance that you are still owning.

6) Mobile phone no. and address of borrower, this is to verify income of borrower and checking your residential.

The documents stated is some general information they might required, other than these they might require others relevant documents. Requirements is vary from different lenders.

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