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The rates of Home Loans of California is now at a very low point. And the lowest mortgage rates is almost depend the interest rate movements in the Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) market. So, is the time to think of buying a house or refinance your home equity.

Before dealing with lenders, you must know clearly your existing status, such your credit score, does your income sufficient to cover all monthly expenses, as well as your debt and others?

Nowadays, individual credit score play an important role when taking loan. It will determine whether you can get a good interest rate, and it will affect your possibility to get a good rate on commodities such insurances, cell phone & etc.

There are some factors to determine your credit score, take care of the said factors will maintain or increase your credit score significantly. Take a look at the following :-

5 Factors of Credit Scoring

1) Your payment history - will impact 35%

2) Outstanding balance of all credit - will impact 35%

3) Your credit history - will impact 15%

4) Types of previous and existing credit - will impact 10%

5) Inquiries - will impact 10%

Although some of the lenders will not take into account your credit score, but I advice you that try to improve your credit score. It might the reason that make you easily get a lower interest rate and have a right to choose the best lender.

Invite few lenders from California to quote and compare their offers might be a chore to you, but this is an ultimately way to get the best rate from lenders. There is a truth in lending business, the good rates are always reserved for those with good credit.

For improvement of bad credit, please check out Bad Credit Mortgage Loan Tips instead of Home Loans of California

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