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Have you ever surf for home mortgage loan rate for this passed few months? If yes, you will found out that the rates in the market have plunge to record low. That's mean now is the good timing to buy a new house or refinance.

What you should do for now is :-

1) Check out the outstanding balance of your 1st mortgage, get the cheaper rate from the 2nd mortgage to save much money. If the balance of loan debt just a little, it probably not suitable to refinance.

2) Knowing your financial situation, how much you can afford if you wish to buy a new house. Just use your gross income minus all the necessary expenses, does the extra money sufficient to pay for the loan? Normally the repayment amount shall not more than 35% of your gross income.

3) How much deposit you can put in to the new property, borrow less means you will repay less. And lenders are more willing to lend money for those committed much in home purchase. Furthermore, the rate offer would probably lower.

4) Use the calculator provided online by various lenders to check out relevant information you intended to know. Do not worry, almost all calculators are free of charges.

If you have a friend work as broker, you should check with him. He might introduce the most suitable loan product to you.

No matter obtain the rate from internet or high street bankers, you should have relevant experience regarding the loan. Get your self familiarize with loan operation and aware of the current rate.

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