Large Personal Loan

Large personal loan is one of the loan that difficult to granted since they are not secured by collateral such home, car and etc. The loan amount is greater than $7,000 and will probably take 2 weeks to proceed the application.

Getting this loan usually required good credit and history from borrower, a stable job with solid income. If your credit is not in the good side, you will probably need to improve first before meet with the loan lenders.

However, there are some ways to increase the chances of getting the loan. Please take a look at the following guides and tips :-

1) Figure out your credit prior to apply for the loan, a creditworthy with at least 7 years of good credit history will secure the loan easier. The credit shall not have late payment or delinquent account.

2) Make note of your assets that could secure as collateral for the loan if you were default, be sure the assets are matched or exceed the amount you intended to borrow.

3) Select the regular bank that you are always dealing with and have maintain good relation. It's best to select a bank has a record of positive transactions with you.

4) Be ready all relevant documents such tax returns, paycheck stub, bank statements and W-2 forms. Furnish to lender upon application, submit sufficient information to lender will speed up the loan process.

5) Provide the list of your assets that can be pledge as collateral to the loan officer.ask for an additional statement page to declare when your loan officer is submitting your file.

6) Be patient and keep follow up with the loan officer, the process might take several days to weeks to proceed.

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