Loan Amortization Calculator

Loan Amortization calculator is using to calculate your payment on the principal amount plus interest, and decide the amount of monthly payment over the loan term.

This amortization calculator is helpful when you are looking for new mortgage and refinance for your home. It make a full amortization schedule in in a chart or table format in the results. Normally there are 3 main inputs of the calculator, there are 'Loan Amount', 'Interest Rate (APR)' and 'Repayment Period'.

Just enter the amount intended to borrow, interest rate and the repayment period and click the 'Compute' or 'Calculate' button. The calculator will show how much of the P&I installment based on the information gave. Try this several times, from the results you will figure the how much you can afford and borrow from lender. But be reminded that the amount shown are not included taxes and insurances.

Amount provided by the calculator is for full term of the loan, you may pay-off the loan by sooner if you like to. Adjust the term accordingly to see how much amount you would need to pay each month.

The main objective of the calculator is to showing a guideline for borrower. Have a sense of affordability and how much should be take from the deal.

All the results generated by the calculator is solely for reference only, although it is very accurate. But if the different appeared between loan calculator and from lender's representative, the results from lender shall take precedence.

For more loan information and services, please take a look at Various Loan Services instead of Loan Amortization Calculator

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