How To Speed Up The Loan Application

When apply for home loan, business loan and other loans, the loan application process can take couple of months to process. There must be somethings resulted the slow process and the lenders may required to know further information regarding your financial situation, furnish all related information required when meet up with them.

Here are some tips to speed up the application :-

1) The first and foremost things to do before apply for a loan is to check your credit, make sure you know where you stand. For sure the lender will check your credit, so you must do somethings before them. If your credit score is good or excellent, every things will be smooth. But if your credit score is less than perfect or poor, you must improving it before meet up with lenders.

2) Gather all required documents in order - to provide a clear picture to lender, if the documents are not proper provided, the loan officer will still ask for it during underwriting. The said documents such

a) Tax returns for passed 2 years

b) Salary pay stubs from your employer

c) Bank statements

d) Proof or residence (water or electricity bills)

3) Work with experienced peoples - there are several peoples work together to get the job done when purchase a home. There are realtor, loan officer or broker, an inspector, closing agent and appraiser. Ensure all of them are experienced, otherwise may cause a bump in the loan process.

4) The best way of get through the application process is to learn as much as you can about the loan detail. knowing how much money in the bank could be spend as down payment.

5) Obtain a listing of your employment history and addresses for your previous residences, and if you have already choose out a home you should have the legal address available.

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