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Are you seeking a car but without sufficient fund, get a loan for car now. There are tons of loans package available in loan market. However getting a car loan may need you to do some research, in order to obtain a best deal. In fact, there are 70% of new car purchases are come from loan, no matter you purchase with loan or cash, below are some useful tips for your reference.

Define how much you wish to spend, this is the 1st and most important step in taking a car loan process. Nobody like to eat sandwich and plain water for few years cause of money exhausted for paying debt. So, plan your monthly expenses, how much fund do you have and how much you are going to put as deposit for car purchase.

Seeking an affordable car model, this is purely depend personal choices. But make sure the car model picked is the right one, do not make a mistake that will affect your financial, especially for those with family commitment. List down at least 3 models, analyze your financial status and based on the information analyzed you will able to choose a right model. Know your main purpose for buying this car, for working purpose or for leisure?

If the purpose of the car is for serving work, you may consider the following factors :-

1) Fuel or gas consumption

2) Car maintenance and services

3) Road tax and insurances

4) Car warranty period and potential cost incurred

Now is the time to do your homework, searching various car lenders and shop to them or check their offer online. Apply at least 3 lenders, don't worry, there are no obligation stated you must take the offer after engaged them to quote for you.

Compare quotes from various lenders, in payment terms, interest rates and conditions. And please be remind that select the one which allow you to refinance, after several years you may wish to refinance.

In conclusion, if you want to gain the most saving deal from car loan, you should gather as much information as you can. Remember, car dealer are professional seller, they are selling cars everyday. The dealers will not going to point out all the ways you can save money. So it's purely your task to find all of them.

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