How Born

I had been as a Quantity Surveyor (Cost Estimator) for more than 9 years. From the day I begun my career in construction industry, I'm keep learning new skills and work extremely hard to my employer. All the while I'm happy and proud to be a Q.S., until an incident happen - death of my superior. In my memory, he is a nice guy. He is proud of his career and same as me, work extremely hard for the company. Death of my superior has bring a great impact to his family. His wife just a normal housewife (without working experience), and left with 2 children. Without sufficient income to support the family, immediately they are fall into a critical financial situation. His wife sold their double storey house and move into a small house. Can you imagine how cruel of the realistic world? And how harsh to a woman without working experience to start a new working path?

After funeral ceremony, I can't even sleep at that night. I'm thinking that if same situation happen to me, does my wife able to bear my responsibilities? What kind of things I'll left to my family? Nothing much, probably some debts.

I love my family so much, I can't let this happen to my family. Thus, I must do somethings to protect them and secure their interests. From the day onwards, I have search for various business opportunities and ideas to increase my passive income. My intention is to build a business that can run automatically to generate much money to me and my family. Even any bad things happen to me, they can still enjoy a life without worrying.

Thanks GOD! after several months of effort put to business researching, I found there is a great way fulfilled with my criteria - Create a website that can making money automatically.

Pertaining to the research I did for few months, I discovered there are many benefits from online business :-

1) In online world, there are no limitation. It is WORLDWIDE, that's mean whoever online will have a chance to visit my website. The exposure of the website is out of our imagination, it is awesome!

2) After the website completely build, we do not need human staffs who need to pay to work for it. Minimize the overhead of the business.

3) Unlike the offline businesses, they will need shop, staffs, water, electricity and many more expenses. Some more there are many risks need to be considered, such fire outbreak, robbed…..But in website, all these risks will not exist.

4) The website is running 24 hours, that's mean we may earning our income even we are asleep.

5) Working times for the content of the website is very flexible, you are free to work for it at your convenience times.

6) Last but not least, the setting up costs for the website is damn low if compare to a offline business.

Some body will asks, all the factors sated are possitive. How about negative points such business fail, no traffic & etc.?

I can telling you now, even the website failed. I just lost some setting up costs, the amount is far lesser than any other offline businesses. I'll analyze the problems lead to failure and fix them up. From my research, I saw some peoples had great success in their online businesses.

After considered all, I started to invent into this online business.

Well, I'm a Q.S. All the html and Javascripts are outer space language to me. Do you know how am I going to start?

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